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AIDS-Free World publications are covered by the Creative Commons License allowing for limited use of these publications under the following conditions: the work must be properly credited to AIDS-Free World; it is for non-commercial use; and it is not used for derivative works. You do not need to request permission from AIDS-Free World before using or sharing one of our publications. Before copying or downloading any AIDS-Free World publications, please carefully review our Creative Commons License available here. By downloading and sharing AIDS-Free World publications, you agree to adhere to the terms in this Creative Commons License.  The Creative Commons License does not allow you to copy AIDS-Free World’s other intellectual property, such as our logo or trademarks, from our documents or website for your own use; it only applies to AIDS-Free World document and reports appearing on our website.  You are free to link from your own Internet site to any AIDS-Free World webpage, unless otherwise indicated on that page.