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What We Do

Our small team advocates for an AIDS-free world by going after the destructive forces that gave HIV room to explode from a weak virus into a fearsome pandemic: denial, neglect, ignorance, short-sightedness, greed, racism, sexism, bigotry, fanaticism and disregard for human rights.  Our advocacy involves rigorous research and analysis of past, current and planned responses to the pandemic: we defend approaches that work and expose those that don’t.  We collect information and insights from a broad network of contacts built up over decades of cumulative international experience.  We identify those responsible for creating problems and those responsible for solving them, and we hold both to account.  We make sure our critiques are heard, using a range of political, legal, strategic, analytic, communication, negotiating, speaking, writing and diplomatic skills to press — relentlessly, without equivocation or apology — where change is needed.