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Justine Brouillaud

Communications and Social Media Officer

Justine has extensive experience in UN-linked social justice policy, advocacy and outreach. Before joining AIDS-Free World’s communications team in 2016, she led the International Democratic Governance program at the WFM-Institute for Global Policy (WFM-IGP), shaping outreach and lobbying for 1 for 7 Billion, a civil society campaign dedicated to reforming the appointment process of the United Nations' Secretary-General.  

Justine previously served as United Nations Liaison for the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict (GPPAC), where she advised on UN-linked peacebuilding and conflict prevention policy, led an in-depth monitoring project on the UN Peacebuilding Commission and shaped the global network’s outreach at the UN.  As the Coordinator of the Gender Equality Architecture Reform Campaign (GEAR), she also worked with hundreds of women’s rights and social justice organizations advocating for the establishment of UN-Women.

Justine holds a MA in Conflict, Security and Development from King’s College, London.

Email Justine: jb@aidsfreeworld.org