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Peacekeepers prey on young boys in the Central African Republic: Media Highlights

On April 29th, the Guardian broke news of reported child sex abuse by soldiers, mainly from France, and also from Chad and Equatorial Guinea who were sent as peacekeepers to war-ravaged Central African Republic. Media from around the world are covering the unfolding saga of sexual violence by soldiers, months of inaction by the UN, nearly a year of inexplicable silence, and the UN’s suspension of the senior staff member who personally alerted French authorities to the crimes, and is now accused of breaching UN protocol by bypassing the UN’s normal diplomatic channels. The internal UN document, which contains detailed firsthand and witnessed sexual abuse reported by young boys to UN staff, was given to the Guardian by AIDS-Free World co-Director Paula Donovan. The document summarizes interviews with six children who had taken temporary refuge near M’Poko airport in the country’s capital, Bangui, and who reported the crimes to staff of the Office of the High Commission for Human Rights and UNICEF during May and June 2014. Highlights of print, audio and video coverage are listed below. Please note that the accounts contain disturbing content.

Note: Dates listed refer to the “last updated” date

The Guardian
Sandra Laville
April 29, 2015
UN aid worker suspended for leaking report on child abuse by French troops (Print)

April 29, 2015
Newshour (Audio: segment begins at 01:34)
BBC newshour_20150429-2219a

New York Times
Somini Sengupta
April 29, 2015
French Army Investigates an Allegation of Sex Abuse in Central African Republic (Print)

France 24 (English)
April 30, 2015
Video: Aid worker describes ‘tremendous’ amount of sexual abuse in CAR refugee camps (Video, with print)

Laura Smith-Spark & Sandrine Amiel; Video with by Fred Pleitgen
May 1, 2015
French soldier-child sex abuse claims in Central African Republic investigated
(Video, with print)

Al Jazeera
April 30, 2015
French soldiers accused of raping CAR children (Print, with video)

Toronto Star (Associated Press)
Hippolyte Marboua & Angela Charlton
April 30, 2015
French troops used water, food to procure sex with children, refugees allege (Print, with Reuters video: France investigates allegation of child abuse by its troops in CAR)

CBC: As It Happens
April 29, 2015
UN Child Abuse (Audio: Interview begins at 8:49)

Salon (Associated Press)
Angela Charlton
April 29, 2015
France investigates accusations that soldiers raped children (Print)

Yahoo! News (AFP)
Thomas Urbain
April 29, 2015
France investigating alleged child sex abuse by its troops in C.Africa (Print)

Voice of America
April 30, 2015
France Probes Reports of Child Sex Abuse By Its Soldiers in CAR (Print)

Deutsche Welle
Isaac Mugabi
April 30, 2015
'Investigate UN peacekeepers for sexual crimes' (Print: interview with Paula Donovan)

Le Point
Olivier Pérou
April 30, 2015
Viols présumés en Centrafrique: "Tu auras à manger contre du sexe" (Print: interview with Paula Donovan - in French)

International Business Times
Elsa Buchanan
May 1, 2015
CAR: UN 'covered up' rape of African boys by French peacekeepers, alleges aid worker (Print)

RFI (English)
April 30, 2015
French military investigating Central Africa child sex abuse allegations (Print; includes audio interview with Paula Donovan, by Marcel Arseneault)

The Conversation
Rosa Freedman
April 29, 2015
French peacekeeper abuse scandal fits an old pattern of impunity (Print)

Daily Maverick
Simon Allison
May 4, 2015
When peacekeepers become perpetrators: France and the UN’s child sex shame in the CAR (Print)

Vice News
Etienne Rouillon
April 29, 2015
Leaked Report Alleges French Troops Raped Starving Children in the Central African Republic as They Sought Food (Print)

Fox News
George Russell
May 1, 2015
African troops involved with French in UN rape report scandal (Print)

May 2, 2015
Boris Djuric
UN Investigates Possible Cover-Up in 'Children Raped by Peacekeepers' Scandal (Print)

The Local (SE)
April 30, 2015
Swedish UN worker in French troop abuse row (Print)

Le Monde
Soren Seelow & Cyril Bensimon
May 1, 2015
Accusations de viols en Centrafrique : retour sur neuf mois d'enquête (Print - in French)

El Pais
Óscar Gutiérrez
April 29, 2015
Francia investiga a sus soldados en Bangui por abusos sexuales a menores (Print - in Spanish)

Die Welt
Martina Meister
May 1, 2015
Wenn Soldaten vergewaltigen, statt zu beschützen (Print - in German)

May 1, 2015
Central African Republic child abuse: UN denies 'cover up' (Print)

The Guardian
Sandra Laville
April 30, 2015
UN accused of 'reckless disregard' for allegations of peacekeeper child abuse (Print)

CCTV America
Clementine Logan
April 30, 2015
French peacekeeping troops accused of sexual abuse in CAR (Video)

France 24 (English)
May 3, 2015
Exclusive: The aid worker who revealed the French army’s ‘sex abuse’ in Central Africa (Print - Includes video by Anthony Fouchard)