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New reports surface of sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeepers

In early June, following the UN Secretary-General’s announcement of his intention to establish an External Independent Review of the UN’s handling of child sex abuse allegations against international peacekeepers and broader issues, the UN subsequently indicated that a UN peacekeeper was being investigated for sexual abuse of a minor in eastern Central African Republic. Several days later, media reported that UN peacekeepers in Haiti exchanged food, money and other material goods for sex with hundreds of women, despite rules prohibiting transactional sex, citing an Office for Internal Oversight Services report to be released publicly on June 15. The report’s findings, evaluating enforcement and remedial assistance efforts for sexual exploitation and abuse by the UN in peacekeeping operations, call into question the UN’s claim of a “downward trend” in allegations and provide insight into the significant reforms needed. A snapshot of some of the coverage is below:

Associated Press
By Cara Anna
June 10, 2015
UN: Sexual exploitation by peacekeepers strongly underreported

June 11, 2015
UN peacekeepers 'barter goods for sex'

The Real News

June 11, 2015
UN Peacekeepers in Haiti Force Girls to Trade Sex for Food, Medicine (audio interview with transcript)

June 4, 2015
U.N. probes sexual abuse by peacekeeper in Central African Republic

By Michelle Nichols
June 10, 2015
United Nations peacekeepers commonly pay for sex: U.N. study

RT News
June 10, 2015
UN peacekeepers sexually abused hundreds of Haitian women & girls – report

Sputnik Radio
June 10, 2015
Sex abuses by UN peacekeepers: 'Tip of the iceberg' - Paula Donovan (Audio interview)

June 7, 2015
U.N. Watch: No immunity

By Samuel Oakford
June 11, 2015
UN Peacekeepers Reportedly Exchanged 'Televisions, Perfume and Fancy Underwear' For Sex

Washington Post
By Justin Wm. Moyer
June 11, 2015

Report: U.N. peacekeepers in Haiti had ‘transactional sex’ with hundreds of poor women