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Media advisory: A Nurse's First-Person Story of Persecution, Prison and Apology

Monday, July 18th, 3:00pm, SAST
International Conference Centre, Durban
Speakers’ Corner, Media Centre, Lower Level 


A Nurse’s First-Person Story of Persecution, Prison and Apology

—Ugandan nurse Rosemary Namubiru speaks for the first time to international media alongside advocates who worked for her release—

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  • Mr. Michel Sidibé, Executive Director, UNAIDS
  • Ms. Rosemary Namubiru, Ugandan Nurse
  • Ms. Lillian Mworeko, Regional Coordinator for the International Community of Women Living With HIV — East Africa (ICWEA)
  • Mr. Stephen Lewis, co-director, AIDS-Free World

In February 2014, 64-year-old Ugandan nurse Rosemary Namubiru was working in a local health clinic when her life was forever changed. While inserting an IV cannula into to a young patient, a possible needlestick contamination vaulted Namubiru into the spotlight and into prison. News media in Uganda broadcast sensational stories and the public prosecutor laid initial charges of attempted murder, all because Rosemary Namubiru was a woman living with HIV.

Many advocates—both local and international—came to her aid, and her story made headlines around the world. Now, more than a year after having her sentence commuted and returning to her community, Namubiru is ready to speak publicly about her ordeal and about the surprising apology she received from an unlikely source.

Rosemary Namubiru’s case was sensationalized because it played on the fear and the stigma that still surrounds HIV. Namubiru’s experience—as an object of tabloid journalism, within the criminal justice system, and seeking redress through alternate means—provide valuable lessons for activists, policymakers and the media alike.

WHEN: 3:00pm, Monday, July 18th, 2016

WHERE: Speakers’ Corner, Media Centre, Lower Level, International AIDS Conference

Media inquiries:
Gill Mathurin, Director of Communications
Tel: + 1-646-924-1710
Email: media@aidsfreeworld.org


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