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  • Child Marriage

    Child marriage puts girls at risk for a whole host of human rights and labor violations on a daily basis.

  • Disability

    Access to HIV information, treatment and care is a huge challenge for disabled people, who make up 15% of the world's population.

  • Homophobia

    Bigotry is this virus’s best friend.

  • Infant Feeding

    Current guidelines on HIV and infant feeding are conflicting and confusing, and are undermining the overall HIV response.

  • Leadership Watch

    More than thirty years into the global AIDS epidemic, we have learned that the leadership required to rout HIV and AIDS is far more than purely political.

  • Legal Work

    The global AIDS epidemic is not only a health crisis; it is also a colossal human rights failure.

  • Politics of Funding

    From the very outset of the global AIDS epidemic, resources have been a problem.

  • Prevention

    HIV did not have to become a global pandemic.

  • Sexual Violence

    Addressing sexual violence is critical to creating healthy societies and to ending the spread of HIV.

  • Treatment

    There are now nearly ten million people in treatment in low- and middle-income countries, the great majority of them in Africa.

  • UN Women

    From the moment AIDS-Free World was created, we fought for the establishment of a new international agency for women. That's three full, unrelenting years.

  • Women's Rights

    Any AIDS response that does not address women’s realities head-on is doomed to fail.