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Credit: adzica, www.sxc.hu
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Bigotry is this virus’ best friend.  From the moment AIDS was first recognized in the developed world, it was known as the “gay disease” and gay people were demonized as being responsible for millions of deaths.

Worldwide, AIDS is most common among heterosexual people. However, the proportion of men who have sex with men who contract the virus remains very high in most places, just as the proportion of men who have sex with men who are too traumatized or afraid to get information or treatment remains too high.  At the same time, the international agencies that are mandated to curb the pandemic have spent too many years either supporting homophobic policies themselves or remaining silent when they should have spoken out.

At AIDS-Free World, we recognize the injustice of blaming the victims of a virus for contracting it, while allowing the forces of religion, society and culture that discriminate against those victims to continue unchecked.

We speak out against homophobia wherever we find it. We are working with grassroots groups in the Caribbean to help change homophobic laws. We advocated at the highest levels against the bill in Uganda that would allow the state to kill homosexuals. We applauded Mexico City when it allowed same-sex couples to adopt children. Throughout our advocacy, we maintain our core belief that ignorance and hatred have helped HIV become the worldwide killer. It need not have happened.