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Lost Amid the Outrage

The world is in an uproar over new anti-gay laws in Uganda and Nigeria – but here’s the shocking truth:  Homosexual acts are illegal in at least 77 countries, including 7 where they are punishable by death. There are 36 African countries with anti-gay laws; here’s just a sampling of how current leaders openly express their hatred for LGBT:

Yahya Jammeh, President of Gambia
"We will fight these vermins called homosexuals or gays the same way we are fighting malaria-causing mosquitoes, if not more aggressively… As far as I am concerned, LGBT can only stand for Leprosy, Gonorrhoea, Bacteria and Tuberculosis; all of which are detrimental to human existence."

Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe
"[Homosexuals] behave worse than dogs and pigs."

Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda
"We reject the notion that somebody can be homosexual by choice; that a man can choose to love a fellow man…They should rehabilitate themselves and society should assist them to do so."

Macky Sall, President of Senegal
"We are still not ready to decriminalize homosexuality. This does not mean we are homophobic."

Jakaya Kikwete, President of Tanzania
"...for our people right now, I don't think it's the time now to discuss these issues."

Simon Lokodo, Ethics and Integrity Minister, Uganda
"Homosexuality is unnatural, abnormal and strange to our cultures. It has no output whatsoever; it only does damage and destruction. You cannot have a right to be a sick human being. There is no right in homosexuality. It must be cured."

Christopher Onyanga Aparr, Ugandan ambassador to the United Nations
"It is important to underscore the fact that the law is not intended to discriminate, persecute or punish homosexuals by the sheer fact of their sexual orientation. Rather the law is aimed at protecting and defending Ugandan society from social disorientation."

Jon Qwelane, South African ambassador to Uganda
"Homosexuals and their backers will call me names, printable and not for stating as I have always done my serious reservations about their 'lifestyle and sexual preferences,' but quite frankly I don't give a damn: wrong is wrong!"

Aden Duale, Majority Leader of the National Assembly, Kenya
"We need to go on and address this issue [homosexuality] the way we want to address terrorism. It’s as serious as terrorism. It’s as serious as any other social evil."

George Muchai, Member of Parliament, Kenya
"Nature did not mean things to be the way LGBT wants them to be."

Florence Nyokabi, Director in Charge of Recruitment, Pubic Service Commission, Kenya
"My view is that homosexuality is neither natural nor normal. It’s not indigenous. It’s a borrowed culture."

Dzifa Abla Gomashie, Deputy Minister of Tourism , Culture and Creative Arts, Ghana
"…as the Deputy Minister responsible for Culture, I should be the last person to endorse homosexuality. It would amount to denying myself, my culture and religion; it would be totally out of character and against the very principles I stand for."

Paul Evans Aidoo, Member of Parliament and Minister of the Western Region of Ghana
"All efforts are being made to get rid of these people [gays] in the society."

Mohammed Adoke, Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Nigeria
"We do not want [same-sex marriage]... The government had to step in with punitive measures so as to prevent citizens from taking laws into their hands. So it is a win-win situation."

Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, Senator for Kaduna North, Nigeria
"Such elements [gays] in society should be killed."

Jewel Howard Taylor, Senator for Bong County, Liberia
"My bill seeks to ensure that people of the same sex under our law should not be allowed to get married."

Joseph Nagbe, Senator for Sinoe County, Liberia
"If you are gay or lesbian and you having to come here we expect you to behave orderly. That is, stay away from each other until your departure."

Wynter Kabimba, Minister of Justice, Zambia
"As Zambians, we declared that we are a Christian nation and there is no way we can allow this un-Zambian culture. I want to urge all Zambians to rise and denounce this vice. Why should someone or institutions want to import this homosexuality and try to influence others to practice it? We can’t allow it, I am calling on all citizens to stand firm and reject it."

Chishimba Kambwili, Minister of Youth and Sport, Zambia
"We don’t want Zambia’s children to be taught any vice. We will not tolerate homosexuality. Those who want to promote homosexuality in Zambia are wasting their time. If anything, we are planning to stiffen laws against homosexuality."

Bernard K. Membe, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Tanzania
"Homosexuality is not part of our culture and we will never legalise it."

Janet Museveni, Minister for Karamoja Affairs and First Lady of Uganda
"If cows did not practice homosexuality, how could we the human beings start arguing over homosexuality?"

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