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Audio: The AIDS 2010 Gender Costing Campaign Launch


Paula Donovan, Co-Director, AIDS-Free World

Cynthia Enloe
Cynthia Enloe’s career has included Fulbrights in Malaysia and Guyana, and guest professorships in Japan, Britain and Canada, as well as lecturing in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Korea, Turkey and at universities around the U.S. Her books and articles have been translated into Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Swedish, and German. She has written for Ms. Magazine and has appeared on National Public Radio and the BBC. At Clark, Professor Enloe has been selected “Outstanding Teacher” three times and named University Senior Faculty Fellow for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship. In 2009, she was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of London’s School of Oriental and Asian Studies.
Enloe’s twelve books include Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics (2000), Maneuvers: The International Politics of Militarizing Women’s Lives (2004), and Globalization and Militarism: Feminists Make the Link (2007). Her newest book is Nimo’s War, Emma’s War: Making Feminist Sense of the Iraq War (University of California Press, Spring, 2010). With feminist geographer Joni Seager, she currently is writing a critical atlas of the United States: Atlas America: Mapping the Myths and Realities of the USA ( Penguin USA and University of California, UK, forthcoming 2011). Enloe’s feminist teaching and research focus on the interplay of women’s politics in the national and international arenas, with special attention to how women’s labor is made cheap in globalized factories (especially sneaker factories) and how women’s emotional and physical labor has been used to support governments’ militarized policies — and how many women have tried to resist both of those efforts. Racial, class, ethnic, and national identities and pressures shaping ideas about femininities and masculinities have been common threads throughout her work.

Pregaluxmi Govender, Deputy Chair, South African Human Rights Commission
Pregs Govender, author of Love and Courage, A story of Insubordination, is Commissioner and Deputy Chair of the South African Human Rights Commission.  An activist since 1974, she worked as a teacher at schools and university before joining the trade union movement, first as a National Educator, and then as head of the Workers College.  She managed the Women’s Coalition (WNC) between 1992-1994.  Elected ANC MP in 1994, she initiated South Africa’s gender budgeting and chaired Parliament’s Committee on Women, which ensured 80% of women’s legislative priorities were enacted.  The only MP to register opposition to South Africa’s arms deal in the 2001 Defence Budget Vote, she argued that the priorities were poverty and HIV/AIDS.  Her Committee’s HIV/AIDS hearings and report broke the silence in the ANC Caucus.  She resigned in 2002.  From 2002-2008, she worked with governments, parliaments and civil society globally through organizations such as the IPU and Club of Madrid.  In 2007-2008, she chaired the Independent Panel Review of Parliament.  She is a member of the 8-person Panel of Eminent Persons, working on a global Human Rights Agenda, chaired by Mary Robinson. Govender’s awards include two honorary doctorates and the first Ruth First Fellowship. 

Judy Wanjeri Thongori, Lawyer; Director, Board of The Center for Rights Education & Awareness
Judy is a practicing lawyer who has been involved in legal reform and policy formulation in Kenya for many years.  She has drafted a constitutional amendment to the Kenyan constitution to ensure the protection of women, researched the legal framework for the protection of extremely vulnerable individuals in Eastern and Southern Africa, and consulted the government of Kenya on gender and legal aid.  She serves as a trainer on gender issues and human rights, and has worked closely with the Judiciary and the Chief Justice’s Committee in the establishment of the Family Division. She has trained lawyers, police and magistrates on human rights and gender issues, and written extensively on international, regional and sub-regional mechanisms towards furthering women’s rights and legal aid provision.  She directs the board of the Centre for Rights, Education & Awareness for Women and serves as a committee member of AMREF Kenya.