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New York Times: No Charges in Sexual Abuse Case Involving French Peacekeepers

A panel of French judges has decided not to bring charges against soldiers accused of having sexually abused children while on a peacekeeping mission in the Central African Republic.

Toronto Star: Stop the witch-hunt of HIV criminalization

In a new op-ed, Richard Elliott (The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network) and Stephen Lewis (AIDS-Free World) say that people living with HIV are being charged with some of the most serious offences under Canadian criminal law, even when there has been no transmission of HIV, no realistic possibility of transmission, and no intent to transmit.

Code Blue Campaign

Learn more about AIDS-Free World's Code Blue Campaign to end immunity for sexual exploitation and abuse by UN peacekeeping personnel. Get the latest news and updates at

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  • Reviewing Zimbabwe's Human Rights Record

    AIDS-Free World attends the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) civil society pre-sessions in Geneva

  • Child Marriage is Child Labour

    Child “marriage” is not merely a harmful traditional practice: it is a crime, it is child labour in its worst form, and it is a complete violation of a girl’s human rights. We are pressing the International Labour Organization (ILO) to classify girls who are forced into marriages as child labourers. Read our report.

  • AIDS-Free World Legal Consultation Center

    AIDS-Free World hosted a free Legal Consultation Center at the International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa.